we attended, last Saturday, an Orthodox requiem. one of my wife’s relatives passed away last year and the Christian Orthodox tradition wants a big commemorative event to be held one year after the death. it seems that the soul of the late person remains restless without such a ceremony. which I think is totally bullshit, but who am I to doubt about such elaborate spiritual things?

last Saturday has been a very sad one in Bucharest: it rained a lot. and I mean a lot. we had a maximum of 14 Celsius, which, combined with the rain, resulted in a real shitty overall atmosphere.

I was standing in the church, attending the service. the priest was a relatively young guy. his voice was beautiful and his whole personality was transmitting peace and serenity. the guy was too zen to be be true. and I realized that this guy could not be otherwise. he is dealing each day with an imaginary boss, his meetings (please read: religious services) have the same topics during his entire career, his employer will never file for bankruptcy, he does not pay for his business attire and no one never dares to contradict him. his voice is God’s voice. take that!!!

that said and concluded, I am still asking to myself what pushes a young man to choose this path in life, instead of confronting the real life, the life that hurts and challenges you. but who also brings you the joy of real victories, a life who leaves you live according to your age, a life that has a smell who does not reminds of death. in my humble opinion this is called cowardice, as faith, profound faith cannot be the privilege of a young mind. faith comes, if it comes, with age an is related, in my opinion – once again, to harsh experiences that leave scares on one’s body and soul.

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